Robotic Damper

The SmoBot Robotic Damper is the heart of the system and provides “natural” temperature control for your grill.

Thermocouple Grill Thermometer

A thermocouple allows the SmoBot to accurately measure the temperatures inside your grill.  Easy to use alligator clip can mount directly to your grate or in any other location close to your meat.

Multiple Food Probes

Two food probes allow for monitoring of meat in multiple locations or monitoring multiple pieces of meat.

Integrated WiFi

WiFi connects your SmoBot to your local network or using Access Point mode works standalone.

Cloud Website

The mySmoBot website gives you a location to monitor your cook from both inside and outside of your home network.

Mobile Apps (Coming Soon)

Mobile Apps for Android and IOS give you more features and alerting so you aren’t constantly looking at your phone for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grills can SMOBOT be used with?

SMOBOT can be used with any grill with a top and bottom damper for airflow.  We have tested on the following grills:

  • Big Green Egg – All Sizes
  • Kamado Joe
  • Primo Grills

If you have a grill that is not listed above, please contact us to see if the SMOBOT might work with your grill too!

Does the SMOBOT need to be plugged in?

The production SMOBOT runs on 5V DC power with a standard micro-usb socket.  We will provide a micro-usb wall plug, but you can also use any standard USB power pack.  We are currently performing tests to see how long SMOBOT will run on a standard 2200mAh battery pack that costs just a few dollars.

Is the SMOBOT waterproof?

The SMOBOT damper can be exposed to water and can be used in the rain.  The SMOBOT control unit should be protected from the elements.  We suggest using a plastic bag or container to keep the rain/snow off of your unit if you are using it in inclement weather.

Do I need to use the cloud service to use my SMOBOT?

The cloud service “mySmobot” allows you to monitor your SMOBOT from outside of your home network.  You do not need to attach your SMOBOT to your home network or use the cloud service in order to control your grill or monitor your SMOBOT.  If you do not want to use the cloud or connect to your home network, you can put the SMOBOT in Access Point mode (default) and connect to it via a browser for remote monitoring.  Please note while in Access Point mode, power consumption is significantly higher.

Does the damper hardware need to be cleaned frequently?

The damper will get some residue buildup over time, this is normal.  Your damper might even seem to seize up after it has cooled.  It is not necessary to clean the damper, just gently lift up on the damper arm to free it and verify movement.  The SmoBot designers have used their dampers for 100s of hours and have never cleaned them, we simply use this process to free the arm and allow movement.  The following video demonstrates the process.

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